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Service Trade Marketing

Services for our Clients

  • Your face in the market towards the trade
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plans
  • Activation and Control of Marketing Goals
  • Sourcing of New Clients
  • Database Management
  • Organisation of Educationals
  • Information supplied on our web page
  • Personal Sales Calls
  • Pro active e-marketing and social media
  • Collateral Distribution
  • Regular Activity Reports

Services for the Trade

  • Product updates during sales calls
  • Training during sales calls
  • Supplying Fact Sheets and images
  • Itinerary Suggestions
  • Educational Trips to our partners
  • Regular newsletters with vital product information

Exclusive Travel Choice markets and represents fine tourism lodges and professional inbound operators in Southern and Eastern Africa. Our focus is on owner run companies and boutique properties that are privately owned and situated in pristine landscapes of Africa. They deliver a nature and wildlife experience that is Africa at its best. Responsible tourism and conservation is the driving force for all our partners.

We update the tourism trade during personal sales calls, with regular newsletters, our web page and are active in the social media field.

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Press Services

Service for PR Clients

  • Your PR office in the source market
  • Set up PR strategy
  • Write up press folder
  • Story line development
  • Regular contact to editorial offices and journalists
  • Regular press releases and newsletters
  • Organising individual journalist programmes
  • Organising group press trips
  • Constant control of ROI
  • Regular reports on activities

Service for the Media

  • Supplying press releases
  • Supplying product information
  • Organising journalists programmes
  • Keeping journalists up to date through
  • Press releases and newsletters

The trade marketing activities of Exclusive Travel Choice are supported by the media and PR Work of Roland Hoede-PR. Journalists, PR- as well as editorial offices are welcome to contact us to realise the most tempting African safari stories. We support our clients with professional press folders, regular press releases and story line development. Our office handles individual journalist visiting programmes and organises press group tours to the various destinations of our partners.

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