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Hella Göbel

The founder of Exclusive Travel Choice grew up in Windhoek, Namibia and subsequently completed her studies at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) with a Bachelor of Social Science Degree. This qualification was topped with a Bachelor of Tourism at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Frankfurt, Germany. She has always worked in tourism. Career stops include Assistant to the Manager of Namibia Tourism Europe, subsequently followed by the management post of Namibia Tourism Europe. In 2001 she then set up her own representational company, Exclusive Travel Choice, based in Germany, close to Frankfurt. During her time as Manager of Namibia Tourism she was also elected as President of ASA (then known as Association of Promotion of Tourism to Southern Africa). Since 2005 Hella could hand many responsibilities to her life - and business partner Roland Hoede and his PR agency RH-PR.

Roland Hoede

Holds a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Frankfurt with the main focus on History and Political Science. He brings valuable experience as publisher and as journalist into the team. Publications in which he was involved include a tourism guide on the German Province of Hessien. The Tourism and Congress Association of Frankfurt has contracted him in the past as author of their publications. A further wealth of experience lies in the field of public speaking. Roland has taken over the management of the company. In 2005 Roland teamed up with Exclusive Travel Choice and brought with him his own PR agency, RH-PR. Roland has subsequently taken over a large number of responsibilities in all aspects of the companies.

In his PR work he has very successfully organised and accompanied press trips with Elle, Tours and FAZ, Geo Saison and looks after the individual journalist requests.

Freelance Colleagues

We rely on a pool of regular freelance colleagues who assist with our back up work as well as limited marketing matters and translation duties.


Exclusive Travel Choice

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Roland Hoede PR

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