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Robin Pope Safaris

  • Well established inbound in Zambia offering the best in quality service
  • 30 years luxury wilderness experience
  • Unmatched knowledge of the region
  • Pioneer on exclusive and personalized walking safaris
  • Strong focus on special interest groups (birders, photographers etc.)
  • Unbeatable “bush and beach” experience in combination with Malawi
  • Specialised on family safaris
  • Emerald Season in Luangwa Valley with excellent value for money rates
  • 4 small and personalized luxury camps along the Luangwa River
  • 2 Safari houses for exclusive safari experience
  • Kawaza Cultural Village, a traditional experience with overnight stay
  • Social and environmental responsibility in all daily operations
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Robin Pope Safaris Zambia

Robin Pope Safaris has been operating in Zambia since the mid eighties and built up an extraordinary knowledge of Zambia’s nature, wildlife and people. Robin Pope Safaris is one of the oldest photographic safari companies operating in Zambia. The operations of the company were originally based in the Luangwa Valley, Eastern Zambia, both inside and outside the South Luangwa National Park.

Robin Pope Safaris has developed a fine reputation internationally for their quality of safari, the comfort of the camps and for their excellent guiding and hosting. All their camps and safari houses are designed to retain both expected levels of comfort and convenience while emphasizing the wilderness experience. The camps are all simple and elegant. Their main structure is open to the bush. Robin Pope Safaris strives to provide a safari that will do far more than simply satisfy the desire to see African game.

Operating lodges within rare ecosystems and alongside local indigenous communities comes with a great amount of responsibility. Aware of this responsibility and the knowledge that tourism can negatively impact its surroundings, Robin Pope Safaris works hard to make a positive contribution to the environment. The companies Responsible Tourism Policy helps to ensure these principles and demonstrates within the tourism industry the ongoing commitment to social, economic, and environmental best practices. This approach is believed to be the only sustainable way to deliver high quality safari and beach holiday experiences.

Robin Pope Safaris is a member of Classic Safari Camps of Africa.

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