Okahirongo Lodges

  • Situated in the Purros Conservancy
  • Eccentric architecture with grand vistas
  • Spectacular setting on the banks of the Huarusib River
  • Huarusib River being the life vain for Desert Elephant, Lions, Giraffe and Black Rhinos
  • Okahirongo River Camp on the banks of the mighty Kunene River
  • Where the Marienfluss meets the Kunene
  • Ideal for those seeking tranquillity
  • Sleep with the sounds of the strong waters of the Kunene
  • Scenic safaris and river excursions
  • Kaokoland home to the nomadic Himba tribe
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Okahirongo Elephant Lodge and Okahirongo River Camp

The Okahirongo Elephant Lodge and Okahirongo River Camp impress through their eccentric architecture and African chic décor in some of the most unique locations of the far north western part of Namibia, the Kaokoland. Whilst the Okahirongo Elephant Lodge is located in the vicinity of the small Himba settlement Purros, the River Camp borders onto the Skeleton Coast Park and the Kunene which forms the natural border with Angola.

The Kaokoland is one of the most pristine and undeveloped areas of Namibia. Rugged roads and a lack of infrastructure have helped to preserve the beauty of this region. Endless plains of sweeping grass, hard rocky areas, dramatic mountains and the gorges of the Huarusib River are only some of the landscape features that are so typical for the region.

Okahirongo is a member of the Classic Safari Camps of Africa.


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